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The transformative power of Neuro Emotional Technique

The transformative power of Neuro Emotional Technique
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When I was in year 12 I experienced horrible heartburn, reflux and tummy aches and my GP couldn’t help me resolve the issue. Someone recommended my Mum take me to a Chiropractor, but as she didn’t quite know what they did, thought it a strange choice. But we took a chance and booked an appointment.

As a student with a keen interest in science, the appointment blew my mind. I walked out with more knowledge about how my body works, the brain body connection, the influence of mental stress on my body and how to manage it at home, more than my biology class ever taught me. 

During the consultation the chiropractor did a physical/structural examination and then using muscle testing (kinesiology) he also checked for weaknesses in my organs – unsurprisingly a lot of issues around my gallbladder, liver and stomach showed up. He then used a technique called Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). This changed my life. 

Connecting the physical symptoms that I was experiencing to the mental stress I was under in year 12 gave me a deeper understanding of why the symptoms were presenting. Over the course of a few sessions with structural adjustments, nutritional changes and emotional balancing not only did the heartburn and reflux disappear, I was able to work on deeper seated issues that I wasn’t aware were impacting me subconsciously – a game changer for any 17 year old!

Now, I’m sure if you’re a client, you have had this experience in a session with your Chiropractor at Optimum Health Essentials. It’s one of the many techniques we use to help support our patients to achieve their…optimum health! We understand that you are more than just your pain or symptoms. You are a combination of everything from work, family, relationship, disease, social media, nutritional stresses…and it is up to us to discover the cause of your symptoms, not just give a band aid approach.

So how does NET make our treatments more effective in the long term?

As most of you will know, a Chiropractic adjustment itself is very powerful, freeing and effective. Add emotional balancing and it takes your experience of health to another level.

The nervous system

I’d like to start by explaining that the nervous system is made up of two systems. 

1) The Sympathetic system aka ‘Fight of Flight’- your automatic response system

It’s purpose is survival. Physiologically it takes blood away from your vital organs to your muscles – it’s either trying to get you ready to fight back and kill or run as fast as you can away from whatever danger you are facing. It is meant to put you into stress mode….after all you may have had to kill a tiger with your bare hands.

This survival response is meant to only happen for a moment. However, we now live with mental triggers, and these triggers don’t seem to stop. They may include challenges within our jobs, relationship juggles, constant media barrage often of negative news, social media, parenting and life admin. 

Hence, I try to teach the importance of learning how to switch out of this state, learning how to be mindful and ask for emotional support when you need it. 

2) The Parasympathetic system aka ‘Rest and Digest’

This is when we learn how to switch out of the sympathetic system into the Para-sympathetic. Here we allow healing to begin in our body, we have more blood flow to our organs, our digestion improves, headaches disappear, tummy aches or bloating stops. Magic happens. 

However, it is important to understand that stress in itself is not necessarily bad, and sometimes we need stress to make things happen. It’s making sure we take time and use techniques to switch out of this stress state that allows us to recover, and reconnect with ourselves. 

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

NET works by identifying the area of life that is a trigger/trauma/repetitive reactions, usually something subconscious or something you want to work on. We then use traditional Chinese medicine points on the body to find the emotion that is attached to this area of life that is causing stress on our system –  through deep breathing and spinal tapping we are able to bring the stress from sympathetic to parasympathetic. 

Essentially our nervous system becomes conscious of the issue and suddenly realises it doesn’t have to keep treating it as a stress anymore, it can integrate it and let it go. Process the stress!

This allows healing to begin around the issue in our emotional brain and in your physical body.

After a few sessions most patients begin to notice a change in their own reactions to stressful situations, self-destructive patterns begin to transform, perspectives change. 

The bigger picture

Outside of the clinic, we recommend positive social outlets for stress, such as a community of friends or family that you can regularly and honestly communicate with, allowing the body to return from its fight and flight state. The manner and degree to which we choose to interact with other people is a very important part of our health. This re-enforces the important reason for spending Sunday morning creating a spiritual ritual for yourself, being a part of a spiritual community, attending a yoga class, seeing your friends for a walk and talk, cuddling in bed with family, time to let happiness flow. The healing can occur in the activity or the time spent with people, allowing your pattern of brain waves to enter into a calmer, larger field that offers protection. 

So whether you’re a long term client, or someone who thought Chiropractors just cracked bones all day (like my mum), if you’re dealing with any stressful situations, why not consider booking an NET sesssion. It may just change your life. 

By Dr. Natalia Kapur