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Stress Management

Stress Management

Do you find yourself being “triggered” emotionally by certain people and situations? Do you find yourself stuck in a loop of negative feeling and thoughts? Does the pain in your body seem to get worse when something or someone stresses you? Do your digestive issues only surface when you find yourself emotionally triggered or during a period of sustained stress?

When you react emotionally to a person or situation it’s because an unresolved trauma from your past has not being fully heard or processed. These unresolved traumas can accumulate and we can find ourselves using unhealthy patterns to cope like food, drug or alcohol addiction, or you can find yourself procrastinating with important tasks or re-experiencing dysfunctional relationships.
Emotional stress is associated with 90% of all diseases and is often the primary cause in chronic pain syndromes.

Neuroemotional Technique and Neurolinguistic Programming are powerful tools for addressing and releasing the stuck emotions that we all experience in our lives.

To learn more about the background concepts of Neuroemotional technique (NET):

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