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Sheena O’Beirne

Sheena O’Beirne


N.D., B.Sc(Complementary Medicine)

  • Naturopath
  • Nutritionist
  • Weight loss Consultant
  • Yoga Teacher, Author

Sheena O’Beirne is an experienced naturopath, nutritionist and yoga teacher.

Sheena strives to guide her patients through the clutter of contradictory advice available on health with simple, practical solutions. Her aim is to give control back to her patients, who often feel they have lost ownership of their condition.

Bright eyes, shiny hair and glowing skin is her goal for her patients. Increased energy and vitality goes along with it. That usually means a diet overhaul and maybe some lifestyle changes including exercise and relaxation techniques.

For some, a goal is to get back to being trim taut and terrific – in the past 3 years Sheena has worked with people wanting to lose weight, which has resulted in well over 4,000 kilos lost.

Sheena’s philosophy is to reawaken the body’s inherent vitality by using the gifts nature has provided. Treatment may consist of taking herbal medicine, Bach flower remedies, homoeopathy or supplements. Your diet will be tailored just for you, to help remove whatever it is that’s causing you problems and adding what is going to be so good for you.  Dietary changes come with a full list of what food you should eat and what to avoid and includes recipes, to help you manage the changes suggested.

Sheena is the co-author of The Weekday Diet (Penguin) and has recorded a relaxation CD called Yoga for the Mind which takes you to the very edge of sleep, helping those who are stressed or anxious to calm their mind.