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Quicksilver Scientific

Quicksilver Scientific

Quicksilver Scientific is a CLIA-certified laboratory in Colorado USA,that offers mercury speciation and blood metal testing for human health. They use state-of-the-art testing technology—including patented mercury speciation technology—to give the most accurate and reliable metal testing available today. The Mercury Tri-Test is the only clinical testing suite that utilizes blood, hair, and urine to measure both exposures and excretion abilities. The Blood Metals Panel screens a broad range of nutrient and toxic metals to show elevated exposures to toxic metals and imbalanced nutrient metals in whole blood.

The testing kit is available through Optimum Health Essentials who are totally set up to smoothly guide you through the necessary steps to get your blood, urine and hair samples together and then send the kit via priority international courier to the USA within the required time frame, so that the Mercury Tri-Test and/or Blood Metals Panel testing can commence at Quicksilver Scientific.

If you are local to Newport then we advise that you drop in and collect a kit and get your pathology done at Laverty (Newport or Dee Why) as this is all included in the fee. You can then drop the kit back to us with your samples and we will do the rest.

If you cannot get to Newport we are able to send the testing kit anywhere in Australia, with full instructions about how to get your blood taken locally and all the required pre-filled official paperwork and information you need to organise the courier pick-up from your home or place of work to get the samples to Quicksilver Scientific.

You will pay Optimum Health Essentials directly at the time of organising the kit, and the cost covers supply of the kit, pathology at any Laverty Laboratory (Sydney region only),the courier fee picking up directly from you and then onward to the USA as a priority delivery, and the actual testing carried out by Quicksilver Scientific.

(The turnaround time for results is 2–3 weeks from the date that the Quicksilver Laboratory receives the samples).

The results are emailed directly to Optimum Health Essentials and then forwarded to your practitioner.

If you do not have your own practitioner we recommend at least a Skype appointment with our own Christopher Manton, who has worked alongside Chris Shade of Quicksilver Scentific. Chris Manton is able to analyse the results correctly and put in place proper treatment protocols to assist in the detoxification process.

Preparation for the Mercury Tri-Test and Blood Metals Panel Testing

  • NO seafood for 5 days prior to testing. (QSS recommended 48 hours but our Bio Chemist Dr Chris Manton suggests 5 days will give a more accurate result).
  • Testing must be done on a Monday.  No fasting required.
  • First urine test of the day – MID stream. (Only required for Tri Mercury)
  • Hair with no product in it. At nape is best, but chest or pubic hair can also be used. (Only required for Tri Mercury).

The Kit Includes:

Patient Requisition Form (PRF)

This form provided in your Test Kit requests your contact information and indicates which samples you intend to provide the Quicksilver Laboratory for analysis. Please be sure to complete everything on the PRF, including which test you are submitting. Make sure to return the PRF in the box with your samples—this is very important. Your samples cannot be analysed without this form.

Other Inclusions:

  • 4 sample labels
  • 2 absorbent cloths
  • 2 biohazard zip-top bags
  • 2 blood collection tubes (ONE only needed if you are only doing ONE test)
  • 1 urine collection beaker (Tri-Mercury only)
  • 1 urine sample test tube  (Tri-Mercury only)
  • 1 hair collection bag  (Tri-Mercury only)
  • 1 cardboard box for shipping
  • Patient Requisition Form

Optimum Health Essentials now supply a large range of QSS supplements. (please place this just above the section “Preparation for the Mercury Tri-Test and Blood Metals Panel Testing”.

For more information about Quicksilver Scientific go to their website:

If you would like a kit sent out to you (no referral necessary) please contact Optimum Health Essentials: 02 9999 1680 or

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