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Nutrition, Weight & Detoxification Coaching

Nutrition, Weight & Detoxification Coaching

Our food and lifestyle habits are learnt behaviours influenced by family, friends and unfortunately corporate marketing. We become attached to these behaviours as they require little effort, seem convenient, fulfill other emotional needs or help you cope with the stress of life.
For the vast majority of people, it’s their daily habits (not some outside threat) that will be the undoing of their health freedom, stop them realising their potential, lead to chronic ill health and eventually cause their death (most people will die from either heart disease or cancer – both caused by diet and environmental toxicity).

Health coaching gives you the knowledge, support and mindset to realise your health potential.
It may include functional pathology tests to identify or quantify exactly what’s undermining your health or causing your symptoms. These tests include food intolerance testing, hormonal testing, parasite and microbiome stool tests and toxicity testing.

Your coach will work with your practitioner to help inform and guide you to make diet and lifestyle changes easy. So that you have the knowledge and motivation to keep yourself out of the sickness industry.

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