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Naturopathy & Nutrition

Naturopathy & Nutrition

Naturopathy is a system of alternative medicine based on the theory that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs, by techniques such as control of diet and exercise.

The Naturopaths in our Mona Vale practice can support you with weight loss, detoxification or overall health and work with you through lifestyle, diet, herbs & supplements to bring your body into balance and achieve your desired goals.

Having been in Sydney’s Northern Beaches for over a decade we are known for specializing in supporting you to choose the right diet for you or your child. Common approaches include the GAP’s (Gut and psychology) diet, the specific carbohydrate diet and biofilm treatment for streptococcus overgrowth.

Below are some methods used in naturopathy in our practice.

Nutrition – ‘superfoods’ and wholefoods are carefully selected to strengthen and nourish according to body types and allergies. Advice is given on where and how to acquire, store and use foods for optimal health.

Herbal medicine – plant based tonics contain natural chemicals and compounds which can biologically remedy a variety of illnesses. Many of these compounds are made in house and specifically to your needs.

Physical therapy – releases built up tension and stored negative emotions to treat both physical and emotional disorders. Our naturopaths will often co-work with some of our physical therapists in the practice to manage these needs.

Meditation – visualization and calming techniques aid physical, mental and spiritual recovery.

Flower essence – works on a vibrational level and is used to treat emotional disharmony such as anger, fear and loneliness, etc.

Homeopathy – plant, mineral and animal derived medicines are used to holistically treat a person’s body, mind and soul rather than the disease itself.

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