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Hilary Lex

Hilary Lex


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  • Arts (Syd), majoring in Psychology
  • Certificate of Nutrition, Nature Care Collage
  • Certified Bicom Bioresonance Therapist
  • Low Level Laser Therapist
  • Reiki Master

Hilary has followed holistic health care principles and nutrition for most of her adult life. She feels blessed to be able to combine her passion of integrative health and wellness with the opportunity on a daily basis to make a difference in people’s lives.

Like most working mums, Hilary leads a very busy life and believes that daily Vedic meditation has played a key role in helping her maintain equilibrium and balance. She loves spending time nurturing her garden, and being out in nature, either by the beach or in the country. She also loves spending time and having fun with her 2 amazing children, who continue to inspire and educate her on a daily basis.

Hilary’s passion in alternative health comes from self-healing over several years and having the privilege of being part of an integrative healthcare team sampling world class treatment for almost a decade.