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Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Optimum Health Essentials pioneered the use of therapeutic cold laser in Australia in 2006. Our new MR4 super pulsed laser has the highest photon density without producing heat. It can penetrate up to 13cm into the body stimulating healing and reducing inflammation and pain with no toxicity or side effects. We use cold lasers to improve nerve function, reduce inflammation, speed up collagen repair and generally support the body’s healing capacity.

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation uses pulsed electromagnetic fields in frequencies and intensities that enhance cellular function, increase energy and microcirculation, and reduce inflammation. Lying on the whole body mat for as little as 8 minutes can improve the vitality of your system.

Ionic Cellular Cleanse therapy uses bioenergetics technology to stimulate the body’s ability to cleanse itself. Positive and negatively charged ions are formed by an array in a footbath. These ions attach themselves to a multitude of toxic substances in the body and the energy created through the bioenergetics of the Cellular Cleanse Footbath increases the removal of these toxins from the body.

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