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Briony Croall

Briony Croall

Transpersonal Coach

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It’s a familiar experience for all human beings: we decide that we want to change something in our lives but we feel stuck where we are and don’t know how to begin. We find ourselves repeating the same behaviours, feeling at the mercy of our thoughts and emotions, and reacting to events and to the people in our lives in the ways we always have. We can’t seem to make the breakthrough so instead we manouvre things in our outer world, in the hope that something or someone outside of us will deliver the change we want. But relying on our outer lives to bring us feelings of peace, success, happiness, or security means that our wellbeing is ruled by external circumstances. It’s a great deal of power to give away to things we can’t control.

What we’re ignoring is the inner life – who we are being, rather than what we are doing. Transpersonal Coaching is a process that focuses on this part of our human experience. It helps you understand yourself at a deeper level, what drives you, what trips you up and why, and how you can make enduring change. It works to establish you in a stable, powerful, and authentic state of being. It provides the time and space for you to explore the roots and the potential of your personality, and builds your connection to the essence, the soul of who you are beyond your conditioning.

The result is someone who becomes the master generator of their life experience; someone who is able to respond to life’s events with ease, understanding, and from a strong state of presence; and someone who is no longer dependent on things and people outside of themselves for comfort, satisfaction, and fulfillment- because they have found those things within.

Briony grew up surrounded by the storytelling tradition of the Scottish people, and has been fascinated by personal journeys and human potential ever since. Her desire to heal her own struggles with depression, bulimia and fear-based living, led her into studies and training in kinesiology, western psychology, brain re-training and transformational coaching. As tools in her coaching practice, Briony uses the Enneagram personality system, archetypal psychology, the hero’s journey model, and Vedic philosophy to help her clients find freedom, as they come to recognise that who they are is enough.

Briony is available Mondays & Thursdays from 23rd October