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Spring – The Season of the Sinus!

Spring – The Season of the Sinus!

Spring – The Season of the Sinus!

Low Level Laser Therapy

A safe, effective, non-invasive treatment in the fight against Sinusitis.

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning feeling tired and headachy. Your ears are blocked, your nose is blocked, your eyes are itchy, and you can’t stop sneezing. You reach for the nasal spray, decongestant, analgesics and/or anti-histamines to help you get through the day. This might give you some temporary relief, but you wake up the next day feeling the same as you did yesterday, only to reach again for something to help relieve the symptoms to enable you to get through another day…. and so the cycle continues.

All of these symptoms are a sign that your immune system has gone into battle mode in an attempt to try and clear the condition. Traditional allergy treatments, while they may alleviate the symptoms to help you get through your day, do nothing to address the underlying cause or assist your body in repairing the affected area.

At the forefront of non-invasive therapies in the treatment of sinus conditions that support, rather than hinder the immune system is Low Level Laser Therapy.  Low Level Laser Therapy is a safe, effective, painless, drug free solution that offers people a natural solution to sinusitis.

Treating the affected areas with Low Level Laser Therapy helps to reduce inflammation, giving, in some cases, instant relief to the patient. It triggers a reaction in the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) to produce more energy, stimulating the body’s immune response, and increasing blood supply to the affected area.  By ‘waking up’ the powerhouse of the cell, the great thing is that the body will continue to respond and heal even after the treatment is complete, targeting the underlying cause of the condition to promote healing, which means that results are effective and long lasting.

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