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Optimum Health Essentials has been established on the Northern Beaches for over 10 years. Our unique approach and holistic integration came about as we sought solutions to some of our own health challenges and realised the need to address the challenges of modern living.

We are an integrated group of natural health care professionals, including chiropractic kinesiologistsnaturopaths and massage therapists. Our chiropractors are holistically trained and use techniques to address the underlying reason for your health challenge, which may have physical, dietary and/or emotional causes. We use gentle, safe and effective techniques and protocols that support healthy brain and body balance and empower you to create Optimum Health for you and your family.

Our naturopaths can support your health through the use of herbal medicine, homeopathy, diet and lifestyle advice and specific detoxification protocols.

Our massage therapists provide far more than just massage and can use dry needlingkinesiotaping and various rehabilitation techniques if you have a specific injury or problem, but they can also create relaxing restorative healing if you need to unwind and reset.

Since the body requires energy to heal and the pace of life these days can leave people very burnt out, we are also the most experienced users of energy medicine in Australia and integrate laser therapymagnetic resonance stimulation and ionic cellular cleansing into many of our protocols to speed up the body’s ability to heal.

With this in mind we meditate as a team before we start each day and focus our intent, which is: “To facilitate the expression of universal intelligence in every individual. To evolve, inspire and share, greater health, love, happiness and conscious awareness.”

Our aim is to empower you to take control of your health and give you the tools to not just live without pain and symptoms but to educate and support you with “The Science of Feeling Amazing”.